Monday, October 29, 2012

Sexy Gold Aerobics Instructor costume for Halloween 2012!

My Halloween costumes for 2012 Halloween Party Pub Crawl (Saturday 10-27-2012) that I went to! Yes I dressed in drag and dressed as a sexy aerobics instructor wearing a shiny gold lame' leotard with matching gold lame' wristbands and gold lame' legwarmers and everyone at the party and crawl just loved it!!!

Here are pics while at the costume crawl! (Note that I edited out faces of people that didn't have masks on for their own privacy! This is due to face recognition software issues and, just incase, their own privacy! I only did this to those who didn't wear some kind of face mask!)

Well, the party was going well and I did have a pretty good time at the festival and party!

Here's pics of me in the costume before the party!

And here's the items as how they look unworn!
(Leotard, legwarmers and wristbands)
                                                                    (The leotard)
(The leotard flipped inside-out!)
                                                               (The wristbands and legwarmers)
                                                                       (The tinsel wig)

Please tell me what you all think of my costume for the Saturday Night Halloween Costume Pub Crawl I went to for the last Saturday in October 2012? Please leave lots of comments!!! The more comments from you all, the better it becomes for me!

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