Monday, October 29, 2012

Solid Gold (and black) Rocker!

This is the most awesomest 80's style Solid Gold Rockin' look one can truely go for this late in 2012! So what will you be doing this fall and winter 2012? What look will you be rockin this Fall and Winter of 2012?

Here's some pics below!

Please tell me what you all think of this style of look? Please leave comments below!

Golden Dragonfly in the Late Afternoon!

I had these photo taken during the late afternoon on October 9th, 2012. I was wearing a shiny gold leo with shiny black tights and matched it with a gold dragonfly necklace. Sorry that the necklace is hard to capture from full-body shots, so I had a close-up shot done as well! So please tell me what you think of these photos? And don't forget to leave comments below!

Photos below!

Closeups showing the dragonfly necklace!

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Gold Warrior (Sexy Gold Warrior)!

Since I'm male and wore this costume, it instantly became a drag costume for me! Here's pics of me in the costume! (I also have a DIY of the costume on if anyone is interested in constructing the costume in the future for themselves!)

The pieces and clothing items that makes up the costume:

(The complete costume set!)

(The leotard!)
                                                             (Leotard flipped inside-out!)

                                                                        (The skirt!)
(Skirt flipped inside-out!)

(The tinsel wig!)

(The gloves!)

(The sandals!)

(The belt!)

(The swords!)
Yes, these are fake rubber swords!

Here's a drawing of what the costume looks like!

And a side by side comparison showing the drawing and the actual costume being worn!

Please tell me what you all think of this awesome costume? Please leave comments! Please leave plenty of comments! The more comments left and people favoriting, the better I feel motivated to keep this blog going!